Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music and RLRA!

Music is a wonderful tool to reinforce language learning, and we try to integrate it as much as possible into our lessons.  Our favorite musician, Alain le Lait, has some wonderful resources for French on Youtube (including a couple created by Real Language right away!). 

His songs are catchy, fun, and they pair extremely well with Real French tout de suite and Real Spanish ahora mismo Level I.  You can purchase his CDs at yadeeda.com, and we promise it will be a valuable investment for your language program!  (Alain does not yet have youtube videos for his songs in Spanish, but you can purchase them on his website.)

Here are some that we use with the RLRA Level I books:

Bonjour, Bonjour works very well with with Conversation 2a.

J’ai Faim, J’ai soif goes wonderfully with Conversation 2b.

Les jours de la semaine is great with 5b.

J’aime les fruits is perfect with Conversation 6a.

You can visit Alain’s youtube channel here and see what else he has to offer.  Our youtube channel has more songs, chants, and favorited videos that you will enjoy as well.

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