Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our gift to you!

Need an extra activity to get your students speaking before winter vacation? Here’s a great conversation to practice in the wintertime, and we have it here for you in both French and Spanish. We hope your classes enjoy it!

Bonnes fêtes !
¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Denise and I have been using our newly created REAL FRENCH tout de suite program for just a little over a month now. The response from the students is very positive, and we are finding them engaged in learning French in a new way!

Although we have been using our conversational model as it’s developed for the last few years, we have never had a program that has been so organized and had the support of the written activities (from the Student Activity Book) and the supplemental activities and evaluations (from the Teacher’s Guide). These components hold the students responsible for the language learned, and the games add variety and fun to the class.

Our second graders absolutely love the “find your friend” activity; it involves finding the person with the same visual as they practice the given structure. For example, in conversation 2b, where they discuss feeling sad, cold, hungry, etc., students are assigned a different “problem” and have to ask their classmates what’s wrong until they find the person with the same problem. Denise’s students often ask to repeat the activity! This kind of repetition is what allows them to truly own the language they are practicing!

Our website will be up and running in just a few days, and all of the products are available in both French and Spanish.

Friday, August 21, 2009

After an intense spring and summer of writing, the REAL LANGUAGE right away programs are about to go to press!

The basic philosophy behind our approach is that we want to provide the students all of the tools that they need to have a meaningful and grammatically sound exchange in the target language right away. Our conversational model allows for this, and the visual cues & English translations ensure comprehension as the students practice these short dialogues.

We hope you will check out our website : www.reallanguagerightaway.com, which will be up and running in early September 2009.

This blog will update you on our upcoming presentations, publications, and our reflections as language teachers.